Born and raised in the culturally rich and colourful Tunisia, Amira has always had a passion for jewellery design. Although she started off in a degree in dentistry in Romania, she soon moved onto to the fashion capital of the world and rooted herself in Paris where she continues to live today.

Her love story with jewellery began when she was a young girl, fascinated with her mother’s jewels and her three uncles who were jewellers. They were always huge inspirations to her and she would watch them for hours on end bringing their creations to life.

Amira draws inspiration from the Middle East, which she believes is one of the richest and most captivating cultures. She loves the oriental shapes and colours that she grew up with in Tunis and from her trips around Lebanon and Dubai, which ultimately inspired her very first collection. She also loves the chateaux that decorates the grounds of France, this allows her to merge both cultures into this first collection and create a breathtaking French Oriental fusion of jewellery.

Why We Like It

Amira Karaouli’s jewellery takes on elements from the various cultures of Tunisia, the Middle East and France, blending them into a fusion of breathtaking French Oriental designs.

What’s The Story

Having grown up in Tunisia surrounded by rich cultures and colours, and having lived in multi-cultural cities like the Middle East and Paris, Amira Karaouli was destined to create wonders.

What You Should Look At

Drawing from the beauty and colours of the different counties she has lived in and travelled to, her jewellery is a refection of the world that surrounds us. Incredible jewellery made accessible to you from Amira.